How to Change Clock Settings


How to Change Clock Settings

Adjusting the clock settings in Mamma allows for a customized time display to suit personal preferences and needs. Users can modify the main clock settings, switch between standard and 24-hour formats, and even add world clocks to their new tab page.

Step-by-step Process:

  1. To change the main clock settings, hover your mouse over the clock and click the six dots located to the right of the time display.
  2. In the popup menu that appears, you can change the clock to either standard or 24-hour time format.
  3. Within this menu, you also have the option to edit the format of the clock, change the size of the clock and date display, and toggle the date on or off.
  4. To add additional world clocks, ensure that this feature is enabled by clicking the settings cog in the bottom left-hand corner and navigating to general settings.
  5. In general settings, toggle on ‘World clocks’.
  6. Once the World clocks feature is active, hover over the world clock area and click the six dots to the right to access its settings.
  7. A pop-up menu will appear, allowing you to select your desired time zone from a drop-down menu and name the clock accordingly.
  8. Click ‘Add clock’ to confirm and add the new world clock to your tab page.
  9. You can also adjust the formatting of these world clocks within the same pop-up menu.

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