How to Change a New Background Image


How to Change Your Background Image

Changing the background image in Mamma allows users to customize their new tab page with preferred visuals, choosing from personal uploads, a vast selection of professional images, or solid colors, and setting the frequency of image rotation.

Step-by-step Process:

  1. Click the settings cog in the bottom left-hand corner of the Mamma new tab page to open the settings menu.
  2. Navigate to the library section to view the different image libraries available: My Library, Pexel Search, Mamma Library, Favorites, and Colors.
  3. In My Library, you will find images you have uploaded.
  4. Pexel Search offers a wide range of public domain images for use.
  5. The Mamma Library contains a curated selection of images chosen by Mamma.
  6. You can click on any image to favorite it, which will then be added to your Favorites library.
  7. The Colors section provides options for those who prefer a simple, solid color background.
  8. Under the image rotation settings, you can choose how frequently your background image changes, allowing for dynamic visual experiences each time you open a new tab.

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